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    7in Mart

    Equipment :
    J> Flame Tiger bp 2/3 enc agi +12 & special casting drop, colokan sun saddle hp +1250 + 6 movement speed. SOLD
    J> Purgatory Ring bp 1/2 enc 21% Hyper Thrust colok OST +11. SOLD
    J> Purgatory Ring bp 0/2 enc 21% Hyper Thrust colok OST +11. SOLD
    J> +30 Snake Scale Armor bu 4 bp 2/2
    J> +30 Double Worker Staff bp 0/1 enc water 32%

    J> Wardrobe Costume bp all fresh 3/3 lengkap.
    J> Serpent God Mount Costume bp 3/3 SOLD
    J> Pirate Armor Costume bp 3/3 SOLD

    J> Wolf Cavalry Bow lv 251 Polos udah Full Skill Full Magic. SOLD
    J> Songstress lv 251 magic wind melody

    Ms Card
    J> Ms Card Zhen Mi Lv 8
    J> Ms Card Da Qiao Lv 5
    J> Ms Card Xiao Qiao Lv 5
    J> Ms Card Xiahou Dun lv 7

    Peminat serius bisa mengirimkan pigeon/mail ke nick 7in
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