We'll be using MOL (Money OnLine) which you can access here:

Register an account, simple enough

Now log in.

To your left you should see reloading options such as Paypal, iDeal, Western Union, etc.

If you want to have a detailed walkthrough on how to Reload your MOL account go here:

In either way, select what means you wish to use to 'top up' money into your MOL account. MOL deals with USD (US Dollars), and a base which says 1 dollar = 100 MOL points.

When you have topped it up, depending on your means of reloading you'll have to wait. This might take a while... (even up to an entire day)

When you have topped up your account and it's all showing in your account page, which is found here:

You will be able to buy WaveGame points now. For this we go to this page:

You have 3 options:
Wave-Point 210 - USD7.99 - 799 MOL points
Wave-Point 435 - USD15.99 - 1599 MOL points
Wave-Point 1'088 - USD37.49 - 3749 MOL points

Convert the currency somewhere if you want, I just know:
8 U.S. dollars = 6.13 EURO

After you've went through the procedures to purchase the WaveGame Points check your mail. In your mail should be some info, those which matter are:
Serial No. & PIN

Now go to the following page:

Look at your email for the information necessary:
Serial No. (email) = Serial Voucher (Page)
PIN (email) = Code Voucher (Page)

When you've filled it out and confirmed it you're done. In about 5 minutes your WaveGame Points should be showing in game.

Not showing? Relog ;)


Hope it's helpful for any international players that're having issues with purchasing wavegame points. :p