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Thread: touble Logging into game

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    touble Logging into game

    Hi. Before I start you guys should know I only talk Spanish and English. I will write down in English and translate to your language too. Ok so I just created my account and downloaded the client. When I try to log into the game it says "gagal terhubung dengan server" wich means "failed to connect to the server". My client is up to date and my internet is working well. I was hoping I could get help.

    Hai. Sebelum saya mulai kalian harus tahu saya hanya berbicara bahasa Spanyol dan Inggris. Saya akan menuliskan dalam bahasa Inggris dan menerjemahkan ke bahasa Anda terlalu. Saya baru saja membuat akun dan download client. Ketika saya mencoba untuk login ke game itu mengatakan gagal terhubung ke server. Client saya adalah up to date dan internet saya bekerja dengan baik.
    Saya berharap saya bisa mendapatkan bantuan. Terima kasih

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    is that problem still happening now?

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    seeing the time you post, it's probably because it's still maintenance, so yes, it would says failed to connect.
    however, you should connect normally by now..

    Feel free to post more if somehow you still couldn't log into ALO :)
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