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Thread: XingYang Naval Battle Guide (English Version)

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    XingYang Naval Battle Guide (English Version)

    ? Minimum Level 170++
    ? Recommended Level 200++
    ? Party Mode
    ? Duration: 120 minutes

    Cao Cao engaged in a fierce battle against Xu Rong in XingYang, and got ambushed by thousands of enemy?s army. Cao Cao tried to retreat but came to a dead end river. Will Cao Cao be able to escape this peril?

    1. Start the quest by speaking with NPC Xiahou Yuan.

    2. After you speak with Xiahou Yuan, go and talk with NPC Warship Officer, to summon a warship.

    3. Use the warship, and sail all the way south. Your goal is to reach Cao Cao at the south east corner of the map, but don?t expect a leisure sail, because you will have to get through checkpoints and nasty enemies first before meeting him.

    4. After sailing for a while, you will eventually come up to the first checkpoint. This checkpoint is blocked, and there is no way to ram your ship into it. Therefore, you need to attack the water gates first to open it. The water gates look like mechanical devices that are placed on the shore, and can easily be spotted by their large, orange aura. Mount the siege weapons, and destroy a couple of them. That will do the trick for the first checkpoint gate.

    5. Congratulations! You?ve broken through the first checkpoint! Now sail along the river, and remember to heal (repair) your ship or siege weapons whenever necessary. You will need them in perfect conditions to get through this battle alive.

    6. After destroying the first gate, you will have to prepare yourself, and proceed to break through the second checkpoint which is located at the northern part of the map. This place is covered with nasty catapults, fearsome archers as well as horrible magicians. Keep on your toes about healing your ship and siege weapons, and go all the way north until you find a gate which is blocking your way.

    7. This is the second checkpoint, and probably the most perilous naval battle you are about to have in this map. Move your ship toward the hill right before the gate, and you will spot an enemy called DongZhuo Bombard Captain there. He is the guardian of this checkpoint, and needs to be pummeled in order for you to proceed.

    8. Don?t hesitate a single bit, fire all your ammo at him. Fire at will! You will need concentrated fire power to bring him down. Don?t forget to heal your siege weapons and ships though. If the ship sinks, you will have to deploy ships from the very beginning.

    9. Beat the DongZhuo Bombard Captain, and you will eventually unlock a new NPC called CaoJun Vanguard, along with a treasure box on the shore. Dock your ship, claim your treasure, and report to CaoJun Vanguard to proceed with the quest.

    10. After speaking with CaoJun Vanguard, you will be teleported away to the southern part of the map to meet up with Cao Hong. Speak to him, and you will trigger a boss fight against DongYue and LiMeng. It is the time to show your prowess on solid ground once more.

    11. Defeat them, and claim the treasure box which appears afterward. Prepare yourself well before proceeding east to finally rendezvous with Cao Cao.

    12. Speak to him, to trigger the final battle against 2 last bosses of this map, XuRong and HanRong. Defeat them, and report back to Cao Cao to complete the quest.

    ? During the naval battle, as long as the target enemies are within shooting range of siege weapons, it is highly recommended that you stayed aboard and attack enemies from the ship. It is advisable to do so due to the fact that the enemies and traps on riversides are very strong to take on personally. In fact, some of them are even immune to damage, so it is not worth your life to try taking them on foot.

    ? If you can break through the 2nd checkpoint within 8 minutes, you can trigger a special boss battle with LiJue. Defeat him to earn additional treasure box containing an item called XingYang River Box.

    ? Caution! The Caojun Vanguard NPC only appears within a set amount of time. After 30 minutes or so, he will be disappeared, thus disabling you from finishing the quest for that round. Therefore, it is advisable to speak to him as soon as you can.

    ? When you entered the battle against LiMeng and DongYue, there will be two scenarios available for you to achieve. If you manage to defeat them while keeping Cao Hong alive, you will receive a golden treasure box upon defeating them, But, if Cao Hong died on the battle before you defeat them, you will receive Silver Treasure Box instead.

    ? If you manage to break through certain checkpoints, and for some reasons, you need to go back to the reborn spot, you can automatically teleport to the last check point you conquered by speaking with NPC Caojun Escort Captain.

    All aboard, generals!

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    thank you for a guide
    i cannot move my ship when i was there ,what can i do?


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