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Thread: Afraid of Change?

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    Afraid of Change?

    Circumstances, objects, states, emotions, they all follow an endless stream of changes. Time doesn't stay put whatever you try. It is the greatest asset on Earth and it is not forgiving. He travels without taking into account our desires.

    I'm afraid of all these changes because they all take me on a new road, into the unknown. Why things can't remain as I know them from the beginning and why can't I remain in that state of comfort from which I can control everything that's happening?

    It is so easy for us to change our clothes, to try them before choosing but it is so hard when it comes to judging our life. Such a paradox. Would you say that we give more credit to appearances in spite of truth in our life?

    When was the last time when you undressed the behavior that doesn't suite you and doesn't feel comfortable in as you do with a jacket or a pair of shoes? When was the last time when you quit the habits that bring in your life only things that you don't want.

    Your professional life narrows your freedom, it's not what you like, it doesn't offer you the state of comfort that you're searching for.

    Your emotional life wears the same bad coat, the infinite battle for making things to work better. I thought you passed the "fairytale" period. Do you still believe that your big love will transform your lover in a prince and you'll live happily ever after?

    Your personal life was for a long time hidden in a chest. How many months or years had past since you made something that offered you pure pleasure and happiness? You've just anchored in other domains of your life, left yourself behind and focused your attention on the others. You don't even know who are you anymore, what you like and what puts a smile on your lips.

    The world has changed and you didn't. What's in your head? You think that if you stay in zero movement you'll have the life that you dream at?

    Wake up! The last news I heard was that from 2010 information begins changing every 5 minutes. Do you think you can keep up the pace?

    If you're a time waster, if you sleep 20 from 24 hours, or boredom is part of you daily meal, you're dead!

    You could invoke divinity, faith, luck, as excuses for what doesn't work in your life, but you can't fool me. Your education is the solution for any kind of problems.

    I was just like you so I know how your brain tries to find all types of reasons for what didn't happened or happened badly in your life.

    What's with the fear? Are you afraid to change your mediocre life into a great one? That's poppycock.

    Year after year you continue to live at chance. Want proof? Please answer to the next questions:

    What are your objectives this year?
    Which are the mistakes you made till now and what solutions did you find so they won't happen again?
    What did you do for your personal evolution in the last weeks/days?
    What bad things did you do?
    What did you start and didn't finish?

    Or, let me ask you some simpler questions. To these you should have the answers:

    How many hours a day did you staid on messenger, watch tv or just wasting time?
    How many times did you said to yourself "Starting with tomorrow....I'll take care of my body, go to the gym, running"?
    "Starting with tomorrow...I'll learn something every day"
    "Starting with tomorrow...I'll give the best of me every day".
    "Starting with tomorrow...
    "Starting with tomorrow...
    How many times did you hold your word?

    Good. What I'm trying to say is that you deserve every aspect in your life in this moment.

    You'll ask yourself, maybe, what stops you getting what you don't have in life and how can you be the scenarist of all the negative things that take place and time in your life?

    In your mind some anchors and beliefs keep this fear of changing alive.

    Continue reading to see which belief ties you:

    "If I change something, I'll meet new situations for which I'm not ready and won't feel comfortable about, only anxiety and inadaptation.
    "The fear for changing protects my right as an individual".
    'Changing is always uncomfortable'.
    'The Unknown has as a permanent company The Lack of Sureness and you feel sure and comfortable where you're now.'
    'Changing asks for effort and it is inevitably painful'.

    And so on.

    How the things present themselves?

    When people face the change they feel unsure, lost, overwhelmed.

    Even so! Don't you agree that life without any form of changing will be monotone and even more, inconceivable?

    An important aspect of the reason that's responsible with our love for life is the enthusiasm and the anticipation of surprise in our life.

    I have a thought for you.

    What do you say to yourself when you had a truly bad day?

    If you're like the majority of people you'll probably enjoy at the end that you finally get to sleep and breathe in silence.

    Or maybe you'd say to yourself: "Oh, I'm so glad that this day past. I wonder what the day of tomorrow will bring me." You expect a change.

    You got the idea, every day brings with it, under a form or another, change to your life. In principle all of these changes are crucial. They create new opportunities and leave place for adjustments.

    So, why would you be afraid of changes if in fact they can only help you?

    Psychology invokes a big number of reasons that give birth to this fear but I'll bore you writing about them.

    What I'll do is offer you some steps of action that I found and which can kill that fear of changing and let you enjoy your freedom and inner sureness.

    1. The ones who are truly preoccupied with personal development never feel fear for change. For them changing represents the way to intensely lived lives.

    It doesn't matter if you're a director or a secretary, it is essential to keep your mind opened and to be spiritually in continue alert. You'll not remain the same for nothing in the world.

    2. You can't wish for changes to disappear. After eliminating this fear your life will become extraordinary and full of enthusiasm. Transform that fear into a friend.

    When a new change shows in your life you have to tell yourself: 'What exactly I'm afraid of', and look towards that fear. Maybe will help by writing it, somewhere, into. Writing has an incredible positive effect. You feel like you're exteriorizing yourself to someone else even that's only a piece of paper.

    While you deal with your fear you'll see that slowly but sure it will loose the power over you. Slavery its over. Now you can have as a right hand, your fear.

    3. Become the Devil's attorney.

    One of the reasons for our fear of changes is often the sentiment of inadequacy.

    We feel that we're not capable to meet the new situations. In this case try to visualize the worst possible scenario. Make yourself comfortable and let your mind free to experiment the different states of how things can happen, make it twice.

    The third time watch how the smoke of fear disappears. Look through the eyes of your mind at how you're starting to feel invincible and filled with peace. Feel the joy that you can control the fear and the triumph of seeing that the fear is just a shadow.

    4. Claim your inner power! I know how frustrating it is to want to go further and not being able to do this because of the fear. In the moment you realize that you are fearless you'll be capable of extraordinary things.

    You feel that the moment of changing things for the best had come.For this you have to ask yourself: 'What should I do? What simple actions should I take to put all the things on the direction I want.

    Wait for the answer and take action without hesitation. If many ideas will spark in your mind, first apply the easier ones and after that the other ones.

    To be sure that you embarked yourself on a good road and overcame the fear of changing, I'll give you some suggestions. Don't forget that action makes the difference.

    From time to time analyze the uncomfortable sentiments that appear with changes. Be aware of these sentiments. Accept them.

    Observe how you react. Do you immediately internalize yourself and hide when you experiment these sentiments? Or you try to be creative embracing and accepting those sentiments?

    Laugh a lot! Be happy and share with others. A heart filled with joy and trust doesn't let place for fears.

    Take time and integrate these steps into your life. It won't take long till you'll feel extraordinary and full of enthusiasm regarding the new possibilities that just uncovered themselves.

    ''The change represents the essence of life. Be ready to sacrifice yourself today for what you may become tomorrow''

    I end this with a question: In what aspect of your life you felt this fear of changing? How would your life look if you'll overcome this fear?

    On personal, professional and sentimental plan.

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