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    New Nation KH (Kingdom Heroes)

    Hey guys,

    There ia 1 dream shared by many inter (short for international :p) players imposibble to be achieved at regular nations, that is to be able chat at nation chat without interupted by SPAM :D
    So, in order to furfill the dream, some inter guilds united to make a new nation called KH (short for Kingdom Heroes).
    We name it KH, so all heroes from any kingdom can gather there, forgeting all differents they had before :)

    The People
    Those first guilds at KH are: EverSnow, LetalliSanctus, and ShuElites.
    Some other that will join after PV and TC server merge are: FusionLegend, LoneDemon, Reinforce, Enya, Camurai, etc.

    We are open for any local guild/players that willing to join KH. Only 1 request after you joined it : PLS DONT SPAM! And we will very much appreciate it if u try to speak in english there.

    Why new Nation?
    Inter players is minority in this indo server. With such number, we are even more scattered among many guilds and nations.
    Many have quit the game cause lack of good english-speaking community.
    One way to solve this is to gather all inter players in one nation. But unite them all in Wei, Shu, or Wu is very hard. We need a new nation so everyone can be comfortable in it.

    The hard part
    As minority, our number isnt much, and not all inter players have swore their loyalty to KH either. So become deleted when war end always become a big issue that haunt us.
    The positive about this big issue is the challange itself. Yeah, being all save and sound at a big stable nation is boring. We need to be creative and cooperated to defend our lil country. its fun!

    So if u feel bored and need a fresh new challange, dont hesitate to join us!
    Local, inter players is welcome as long as u dont spam lol

    cya soon mate!
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