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Thread: Sweets Frenzy!

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    Post Sweets Frenzy!

    Hai Warriors!!!
    Apa kamu suka berburu monster?

    New Feature:
    Sweets Frenzy!

    Durasi Event:
    4 - 18 April 2019

    Detail Event:
    Pemain yang membunuh monster di map normal akan memiliki kesempatan mendapatkan Sweets Bag x1. Buka Sweets Bag untuk mendapatkan item secara acak seperti Candy Stick, Rush Sugar, dan Greatest Scholar's Cake. 3 item tersebut dapat di traded untuk mendapatkan Happy Sweets Box dan Delight Sweets Box di NPC Item Trader di dalam Mainhall.

    Happy Sweets Box:

    Item Name
    7 Day Pharaoh Mask
    1 Day Pharaoh Mask
    7 Day Doll Glove
    1 Day Doll Glove
    7 Day Cool Roller Skate
    1 Day Cool Roller Skate
    7 Day Little School Bag
    1 Day Little School Bag
    7 Days Wooden Gun
    1 Day Wooden Gun
    S-Destiny Pill
    S-2x Exp
    Special Fortune
    S-2x Soldier Exp
    S-Double Exploit
    Special Ginseng
    Special Syrup
    Fire Dragon Powder
    Dragon Pills
    Haste Pill
    Storm Symbol
    Swift Pill
    Defense Symbol
    Injury Needle
    Pain Needle
    Conscious Needle
    Hit Cinnabar
    Evade Cinnabar
    Critical Cinnabar
    Wei Repair Instrument
    All- Defense Enhancer
    All-Magic Defense Enhancer

    Delight Sweets Box:

    Item Name
    Pharaoh Mask
    Doll Glove
    Roller Skate
    Little School Bag
    Bamboo Spear
    Imperial Gold Saddle
    Imperial Guard Whetstone
    Imperial Guard Slice
    Imperial Saddle
    Accessories Stone
    Secret Medicine
    High Weapon Stone
    High Armor Stone
    2x Exp
    Soldier 3x Exp
    Force of FengXiao
    Force of YuanRang
    Force of BoFu
    Force of ShangXiang
    Force of KongMing
    Force of YunChang
    Special Soldier Attack
    Special Soldier Defense
    Yang. Miracle Body Protect
    Yin. Miracle Body Protect
    Defender Challenge Scroll
    Equip Basic Scroll
    1H HuiJi Expedition
    1H BianShui Expedition
    1H JiYin Expedition
    1H Daxing Expedition
    Low Spirit Plier
    Mid Spirit Plier
    Hi Spirit Plier
    Wei Repair Instrument



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