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Thread: Revenge to WuWei and XianYang Expedition!

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    Revenge to WuWei and XianYang Expedition!

    Revenge to WuWei and XianYang Expedition!

    Periode Event:
    10 - 24 Juli 2019
    Deskripsi Event:
    Selama periode event berlangsung, ketika mengalahkan BOSS monster di map expedition Xianyang & Wuwei anda berkesempatan mendapatkan:
    WuWei droplist:
    Ancient Hope Box
    Lv.8 Chisel Weapon Box
    Light Cage Wrist Bag
    Heavy Cage Wrist Bag
    Special Blessing Combination
    Battlefield Skill Bag
    Wardrobe Set 4 (Random)
    Central Plains Skill Book Luckybag
    Wuzhang Essence Soldier Bag
    Soldier Star Skill Book
    High Quality Destiny Set Lucky Bag
    Lv.60 Soldier Bag
    2nd Glyph Fragment
    10 Prestige Ball
    1Million EXP Ball

    Xianyang droplist:
    Greek Battle Skill Book Lucky Bag
    Lingyu Jade
    Moonlight Jade
    Red Moon
    Hulao Army Helmet Costume
    Electra Jade
    Lv.8 Chisel Soldier Box
    Greek Skill Bag
    Wardrobe Set 5 (Random)
    100 Prestige Ball
    100 Score Ball
    Effective Herbal Medicine
    Wild Set Lucky Bag Formula
    Sun Tzu Magic Symbol
    Four Image Prayer Flag
    Dragon Leaves
    Goddess Leaves

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