Uncovered in a study led a year ago, the Norton Cyber Security Insights Report investigates customers' online conduct that leaves them helpless against dangers.
What is the Norton Cyber Security Insights Report?

With new and emerging security threats developing every day, much has been written about the online crime landscape. The Norton Cyber Security Insights Report sets out to understand how consumers are personally impacted by cybercrime and puts a human face on the headlines dominating the news. This online survey of 20,907 consumers in 21 markets was commissioned by Norton by Symantec to give a global view of online crime and the toll it takes on consumers.

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Here are a few facts and figures from the 2016 Norton Cyber Security Insights Report that will change the way you think about cyber security.

Forty percent of Millennials report having experienced cybercrime in the past year.
Nearly three in 10 people cannot detect a phishing attack.
Another 13 percent have to guess between a real message and a phishing email, meaning four in 10 are vulnerable.
Eighty - six percent of people said they may have experienced a phishing incident.
7 in 10 consumers wish they could make their home Wi-Fi network more secure.
Yet only 27 percent believe it is likely their home Wi-Fi network could be compromised The Impact:

Inside the previous year, cybercrime unfortunate casualties have burned through $126 billion all around and lost 19.7 hours the time it would take to fly from New York City to Los Angeles multiple times managing cybercrime.
The quantity of associated gadgets has exponentially developed in the most recent year and there is a consistent should be associated. Truth be told, individuals are happy to take part in unsafe online conduct so as to just access Wi-Fi.

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Individuals are additionally known to impart their passwords to companions, get to monetary data through unbound Wi-Fi associations and snap on suspicious connections along these lines expanding the defenselessness of their associated gadgets. 80% of the purchasers who made a compromising move in light of a potential phishing occurrence experienced negative results, including recognize robbery, cash taken from ledgers, Visas opened in their name and unapproved applications introduced on their gadget.

The discoveries from the Norton Cyber Security Insights Report uncover that in spite of having the assets and data to ensure themselves, purchasers keep on taking part in dangerous online practices. By receiving a couple of fundamental practices, shoppers can make huge walks in moderating cybercrime hazard. Believe these practices to be a piece of your every day schedule like brushing your teeth or wearing a safety belt.
Maintain a strategic distance from secret word indiscrimination: Protect your records with solid, remarkable passwords that utilization a combination of in any event 10 upper and lowercase letters, images and numbers to help keep the trouble makers under control. Make it hard for assailants to get to your data by changing your passwords at regular intervals and not reusing passwords for numerous records.
That way, if a cybercriminal gets your secret phrase, they can't compromise the entirety of your records. What's more, if it's too overpowering to even think about keeping up this training, utilize a secret word administrator to help!
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