June Daily Login

Periode Event : 17 ~ 23 June 2020

-Player must log in to the game first to get points.
- Players who have logged in since June 17 get a chance for reward from day 1.
- Player will get 1 point if logged in every day.
- The maximum total Days for Daily Login is 7 Days.
- Tolerance for late login / claim is a maximum of 2 days, to get all available items.
- If the Player only logs in and doesn't claim, there is still a chance to claim later, according to the points collected.
- The total opportunity to log in is 7 days, to get a total of 7 items.

Link Claim Daily Login :

The items that can be claimed are as follows:
Daily Login Item Name Image
Day 1 Friend Link Card [5D]
Day 2
Ring of Dark Light (1D)
Day 3 Adoniechus Bracelet S (1D)
Day 4 Soccer Hat (7D)
Day 5 Luxury Sorcerer Gem (300P) Box
Day 6 Pet Food Box (2P)
Day 7 Rudolf Bike (7D)