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    June New User

    June New User

    Periode Event : 1 ~ 30 June 2020

    Hello RANers~

    This June we will provide several items that can be obtained free of charge.

    During this period, only [COLOR = "# FF0000"] [COLOR = "# FF0000"] [B] active players playing RAN [/ B] [/ COLOR] [/ COLOR] will get items.

    You need [B] to grab code [/ B] on the web site and [B] redeem code [/ B] where the prize will appear in your bank inventory.

    Following below are the items that you can get:

    [Fashion] Zodiac Costume Earrings VII (30D)
    Fishbowl Hat (15D)
    Red Present Box[7D]

    Dibawah ini adalah langkah-langkah untuk melakukan melakukan Grab & Redeem code:

    Tutorial Grab Code

    Tutorial Redeem Code

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