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    Ice Dragon Championship - ENG

    Ice Dragon Championship

    Terms and Conditions

    1. The team that will take part in the tournament consists of 5 members with the following composition: Swordsman, Archer, Brawler, Shaman, Gunner
    2. Maximum backup players are 5, which is 1 for each job
    3. The team is prohibited from replacing registered players, including backup players
    4. Players are not allowed to participate with more than 1 team
    5. The act of registering for this tournament has agreed to all the terms, rules and regulations stated in its entirety

    Tournament mechanism

    1. The tournament will be held using the "Duel system" between Party leaders (PL)
    2. HP Increase Rate 4.0 with Range Limit and the use of potions is 0
    3. The team that reaches 3 winning points will be declared the winner
    4. Participants must be online a maximum of 10 minutes before the match starts
    5. If one team is not ready within the allotted time, given 5 minutes time and will be counted for 10 seconds
    6. The team that is late will be given 2 options, which are fight with any number of existing members or declared defeated.
    7. Not allowed to use Qbox
    8. Not allowed to use guild / amend nickname
    9. Players / teams that are indicated intentionally creating / triggering / provoking so that it interferes with the match process, will get punishment

    Registration link SINI

    Rank Reward
    1 2,500,000 IDR + 2,500,000 Voucher
    2 1,500,000 IDR + 1,500,000 Voucher
    3 1,000,000 IDR + 1,000,000 Voucher

    Rank 1 winner will be given the honor of being named in


    and will get


    • Ice Dragon Wing will be awarded to the 1st place winner (only 5 main players, not including backup players)
    • Ice Dragon Wing will be accepted by the winner not as an ownership
    • Ice Dragon Wing will be contested in the next tournament
    • 3 days before the next tournament starts, Ice Dragon Wing will be taken from the holder through the Game Master's system
    • Ice Dragon Wing can not be attached to the belt (status will disappear automatically)
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