Protect Your King/Queen

Event Period : 1 ~ 31 August 2020

  • The ambassadors of each campus follow Tyranny
    Ambassadors cannot party with other players (must party with GMs)

    The winner is the campus with the least number of ambassador deaths
    If there are ambassadors with the same number of deaths so that a winner cannot be determined, a tyranny rematch will be held until the winner is won
    Tyranny rematch will count the number of ambassador kills minus the number of ambassador dead
    Losing Ambassadors do not count towards the tyranny rematch, but are still allowed to participate

Sunday (19:00 - 22:00 RAN TIME)
*Schedule can change at anytime

Reward system:

  • Rewards for all campus participants who win (max 50 players)
  • Minimal 3 kill / 3 ress
  • The winning Ambassador will receive double rewards

Pet Food (2pcs)
Blessed Paper Random Box