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    Last Man Standing - ENG


    Event Period : 1 ~ 30 September 2020

    Senior Class (level 230-260)

    Rank Rewards
    1 1,500,000 IDR + 1,500,000 Vouchers
    2 1,000,000 IDR + 1,000,000 Vouchers
    3 500,000 IDR + 500,000 Vouchers

    Junior Class (level 190-229)

    Rank Rewards
    1 1,000,000 Vouchers
    2 750,000 Vouchers
    3 500,000 Vouchers

    if there is difficulty in transferring cash prizes, it will be replaced with a voucher

    Tuesday & Friday (21:00 Ran Time)

    1. The registration link will be opened 24 hours before the match starts
    2. Registrants are limited to the fastest 30 players
    3. A registration fee of 100 million gold (Senior) / 50m gold (Junior) must be paid when the participant is recalled by the Game Master into the Stadium map
    4. Registration fee is valid for 1x enter the arena

    1. Player must log in 30 minutes before the match starts
    (for map transfer and payment)
    2. Participants who are not online when recalled will be deemed to cancel their participation
    3. Participants are expected to ensure their respective internet connections, if they experience DC, they will not be recalled to the folder and the registration fee is forfeited

    1. Not allowed to join a party
    2. It is prohibited to use the guild nickname / amend
    3. The character title is prohibited
    4. Do not cross the "Death" limit

    Sudden Death:
    If it gets stuck (the remaining participants can't kill each other) then the Game Master will gradually activate Sudden Death (20%, 40%, 50% buff attack, PUM drop box in the middle of the map)

    Final Match:
    1st Match (8 players) => 1st Winner
    2nd Match (7 players) => 2nd Winner
    3rd Match (6 players) => 3rd Winner

    Gamemaster's decision is absolute and inviolable

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