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Thread: Jr. Dragon Puzzle

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    Jr. Dragon Puzzle

    Jr. Dragon Puzzle

    Top Up Period : 1 ~ 31 October 2020

    Claim Period : 2 October ~ 2 November 2020

    • Player akan mendapatkan point reward sejumlah nominal Top Up (1 Rcoin = 1 point)
    • Point yang terkumpul dapat digunakan untuk claim puzzle
    • Jika puzzle piece sudah lengkap, player akan mendapat High Class Pet (Jr.Dragon)
    • Masing-masing hadiah hanya dapat di claim satu kali
    • Hadiah akan otomatis masuk ke dalam bank player
    • Poin reward akan diperbarui pukul 11.00, contoh top up pada 29 September, poin reward akan diperbarui di system pada pukul 11.00 pada 30 September

    • Player will get reward points equal to nominal Top Up (1 Rcoin = 1 point)
    • Points collected can be used to claim puzzles
    • If the puzzle piece is complete, the player will receive a High Class Pet (Jr.Dragon)
    • Each prize can only be claimed once
    • Prizes will automatically inserted into the player's bank
    • Reward point will be update 11.00am example top up on 29 sep, reward point will update on system at 11.00am on 30 sep

    Point Reward Puzzle Rewards
    4.000 1st Puzzle Pet Name Card
    7.999 Puzzle Bonus Pet Color Card
    8.000 2nd Puzzle Precious Resurrection necklace (7D)
    11.999 Puzzle Bonus Pet Food 100% (4P)
    12.000 3rd Puzzle Buddy Teleport Card (15D)
    15.999 Puzzle Bonus Lucifer Costume(31D)
    16.000 4th Puzzle Blessed Paper (15D) (5P) Gift Box
    19.999 5th Puzzle Enhance Package
    20.000 Completed Puzzle Pet Jr.Dragon

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