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Thread: WaveGames Event Corruption - Equality?

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    Angry WaveGames Event Corruption - Equality?

    Dear Community!
    I honestly start to get a little annoyed about how the GM's handle the servers, complaints and now also favors certain players, nations, individuals (call it what you want) more then others. I could spend hours to write about the server issues which still hasn't been fixed in 1-2 years time, a company getting loads of money from spenders doesn't even lift a finger to tweak the servers/move the servers to make sure things works properly and now they host a event where the rules are very clear.
    3 Winners will be taken at the end of the event, namely:
    • 1st place, taken from the highest point clan in the 1st highest kingdom points.
    • 2nd place, taken from the highest point clan in the 2nd highest kingdom points.
    • 3rd place, taken from the highest point clan in the 3rd highest kingdom points.

    a). 1 Heavenly Demon Cloak (To Clan Leader)
    b). 1 Special Elf Fairy Horse (To Clan Leader)


    Unfortunately not, it seems like rules only apply to certain people during events. So at this point we're wondering who do we contact to buy a Sun Jian, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Memoirs Cloth etc? Since it seems like the rules doesn't matter why not just open up a pay-to-win auction house where everyone can buy what they want?

    Evidence to the corruption follows below in pictures
    1. Clan Leaders when reward is received. (clickable link)
    2. Erl14n4KhoO having the mount. (clickable link)
    3. GM LuBu - Item distrubution is not my task. (clickable link)
    4. GM Pras - Item distrubution is out of my authority. (clickable link)
    5. GM LuBu - We cannot do change during event. (clickable link)
    6. GM Pras - We cannot do change during event. (clickable link)

    So apparently they agree that "changes cannot be made during an event" - Yet the mount is on a player who NEVER was or has been leader in either of the clans which won the prize, coincidence?

    ~ What is the point of this thread?
    A: To show the community that everything isn't as "fair" as it seems.
    ~ Why do you care about this?
    A: Because I like the game and it should be the same terms for everyone who plays. No matter if you're a spender or not the game should be equal in terms of the rules / service given.

    1 Heavenly Demon Cloak (for clan leader)
    Special Elf Fairy Horse (for clan leader)
    MS Guardian of The Throne (30 Days) for clan leader

    Guardian of the Throne
    Guardian of the Throne (Rewards)
    Complete Album (Pictures)
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