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Thread: Wot the bloody hell happened?

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    Wot the bloody hell happened?

    Ok so let me get this clear... You 'force' us into a merger... Then change the wartimes, away from the server we attended to... Then change the wartimes, even further away from the server we attended to... Really?

    Also, as to the Userjoy side of things, this patch... A FUCKING TRACKING ARROW?! WHY?!
    Let me see.. Spam TAB button to select enemy... Hit skill to run towards enemy... Tracking arrow? useless!

    But yea, with this current change towards wartimes, I have found myself to be the sole player in my guild who can play on thursdays, no one can play on mondays, and honestly, I've found that the only reason I'm playing is the wars, and Saturday alone will probably not be enough. Especially considering that time was already, not favorable to the US side of it.

    The merger was a bad idea and changing the wartimes, was a bad idea (which wouldn't be necessary if there was no merger to begin with)

    Please, oh please, do inform me, of how you were unable to maintain 1 war for TC people and 1 war for PV and then you'd still have 1 war to fuck around with. But no, you had to fuck around with all wars. Why is that, I do wonder?

    To be 100% honest, I'm tired of this. I know alot of people who've spent alot of money on this game, spent alot of time in this game and for what? Just to get fucked over really. Heck we were doing fine over in PV, the ones bitching about a merge were in TC, and then you actually go and change the times to what TC people want, after they petitioned for that merge? What? Did I just hear that wrong or did I just hear PV getting slapped in the face?

    WaveGame, I'm disappointed. That is all.

    We will see whether I, and likely many others, are interested in playing on a server where there is obvious bias and toying with good settings.


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    What will you do if game master merge RC and TV?
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    tracking arrow is one new feature...

    personally, i dont like it too... and that arrow can be disabled from game setting


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