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Thread: New Historical Instance: Guan Yu's Legend (English)

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    New Historical Instance: Guan Yu's Legend (English)

    Rushing Through 5 Passes, Killing 6 Generals
    (Guan Yu's Legend)

    • Minimum Lv. 200
    • Recommended Lv. 230
    • Party Mode
    • Duration 120 minutes

    Background Story
    Upon hearing the news that Liu Bei was in HeBei, Guan Yu returned all the gifts Cao Cao had given him, and immediately started his solitary journey back to his sworn brother. However, in order to reach where his brother was, Guan Yu had to pass through 5 gates, all heavily defended by Cao's army. Since he actually left without Cao Cao's consent, he didn't have any official permit to pass, and all Cao's army was eager to cut him down as fugitives. With all the odds against him, Guan Yu kept pressing forward, cutting open a path, all the while protecting his sisters-in-law. His path to his brother sure is a perilous one, will he managed to return safely to his brother?

    1. Speak with NPC Battle of ZhanLiu Storyteller in Temple of Heaven to access this historical instance.
    2. Once you entered the instance, speak with the NPC Liao Hua (he is right in front of you) to start the first quest: Breakthrough DongLing Pass.
    3. Before you go any further though, it is advisable to have one of the team members to speak with NPC Yi Army Field Officer first. This particular NPC will transform the said party member to Guan Yu, and bless him with a special skill that will come in handy throughout this instance.
    4. After taking Instance-Exclusive Military Spirit, proceed to the north to enter the first stronghold. This base is guarded by KongXiu, which happen to be the target of your quest. Kill him to finish your first quest.
    5. After slaughtering Kong Xiu, report your finished quest to NPC WangFu. He is located at the north gate of this stronghold. You can also take the next quest from him, that is: Flee to LuoYang.
    6. This quest requires you to finish two bosses at once, that is: HanFu and MengTan. This duo can be found in LuoYang City, located just north of NPC WangFu.
    7. Go to the north, and enter the 2nd gate. Once you enter the base, Han Fu and Meng Tan will come out to have a surprise party for you. Humor them by beating the life out of those two immediately.
    8. After cleaning up the mess, proceeds to the east, and see NPC PuJing to receive your reward.
    9. NPC PuJing will also give you the next assignment in this instance, that is: Night Attack at SiShui Pass. This quest will tell you to kill certain boss named Bian Xi. Just enter the building to the east to confront him.
    10. Like always, beat the boss without mercy. This is becoming a routine, so you might know what to do without me telling you. After defeating him, go to the south this time.
    11. Let's greet the next NPC, HuBan. He will reward you for your finished quest, and give the next mission in this instance: The City of XingYang..
    12. This particular quest essentially needs you to kill WangZhi to finish it. But the tricky part is, the two Ladies (Lady Gan and Lady Mei) suddenly decided to share the battlefield with you. But since they are not a fighter by nature, don't expect too much out of them. They will simply run away at the sight of enemies. So, your job is to defeat WangZhi, all the while protecting those two ladies like a gentleman.
    13. Once you managed to defeat WangZhi, proceed to the south, and see the next NPC, named Liu Yan, to submit your finished quest, as well as taking the last mission in this instance. The Battle of HuangHe Gate.
    14. There are 2 possible scenarios that can happen at this point. First scenario will happen if you managed to protect both Lady Gan and Lady Mi, all the while, reaching this point within 20 minutes or less. If these criteria are fulfilled, then you will fight QinQi, along with a bonus boss, Xiahou Dun. Like any other bonus boss, defeating Xiahou Dun will net you a special reward.
    15. However, if you miss one of those criteria (that said, either Lady Mi, or Lady Gan is killed, or, you only managed to reach this point after 20 minutes or more) then Xiahou Dun will not appear.
    16. Either way, beat QinQi to finish the last mission. NPC Zhang Liao is waiting for you at the south gate. Go to him to receive your reward. Congratulations for finishing the Guan Yu's Legend!

    1. Use Guan Yu's skill (Shadow Moon Dragon) as often as possible, since this skill will help in sealing some de-buff skills from the bosses within this instance.
    2. This instance will start from the bottom left of the map, and proceed clockwise till you reach the finish line on the bottom right of the map.
    3. In this instance, SPEED is of the essence. The faster you beat the enemies, the better reward will wait for you. So focus on annihilating enemies as quick as you can, since Xiahou Dun is impatient man, and will only wait for 20 minutes. Though, don't forget to show your gentleman side and protect the ladies as well.

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